July 1, 2022

MindForge announces partnerships with XO Safety and Guthrie Job Corps Center

Two impactful organizations incorporate MindForge to improve job site education and communication.

MindForge, the holistic communication and education hub designed to unite construction organizations, today announces new partnerships with XO Safety and Guthrie Job Corps Center.

MindForge’s goal is to educate workers and equip them with skills and knowledge that empower them to advance in their careers. MindForge’s mobile-based skills training programs provide workers with the knowledge and information that allows them to avoid job site hazards and do great work, all while bridging the disconnect between the home office and front-line workforce.

XO Safety, the e-commerce store for Affordable Safety Training, aims to provide quality training materials at a price every business can afford. XO Safety began distributing training videos through MindForge in August of 2020.

“MindForge developed an innovative platform that allows businesses to incorporate quick and effective
safety training events into their everyday work,” says Jeremy Norton, President, Affordable Safety Training LLC. “Affordable Safety Training is excited for the opportunity to utilize their technology to deliver content that improves safety outcomes and reinforces safe behaviors. This new training delivery model
has great prospects, and we are excited about his partnership.”

Guthrie Job Corps Center offers tuition-free training and education that connects eligible young women and men with the skills and educational opportunities they need to establish successful careers. Job Corps began incorporating MindForge’s training content into its course offerings in August of 2020.

“Guthrie Job Corps Center is excited to offer our students this interactive and comprehensive safety
training tool,” says Jill Zimmer, CTT Manager at Guthrie Job Corps Center. “We believe our students will
not only enjoy working through these lessons, but will also have better retention of what they’re learning as a result of the interactive features. MindForge is wonderful to work with, and provides extensive training and support for our staff. We believe MindForge would add value to any construction or industrial
training institution’s curriculum.”

MindForge is the first workforce app designed for workers in the field, and believes a job well done is one that keeps team members safe and stands the test of time. From the technical details of the project to parking information, MindForge is a necessary communication tool for every level of a construction team.

To learn more about MindForge or to request a demo of the platform, visit www.mindforge.live.

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