Empower your front-line workers to do their best work.

We’ve built a secure private network that easily delivers communication, knowledge and training, just in time to the field.


What gaps are you
currently experiencing?


80% of safety incidents happen while workers are completing rework.


45% of workers say they'd like to receive more online training.


40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary training will leave their positions within the first year.


86% of workers say a lack of collaboration and communication is the main cause for workplace failures.


Connected teams are productive teams.

Developed with the help of industry leaders, MindForge is a software platform that allows you to establish a communication network with your front line workforce and 3rd party leads to put just-in-time information and education in the palm of their hand. With efficient knowledge sharing across all teams, you will save time, increase your work quality, and empower your workforce to stay safe.

And we play nice with others! Pair MindForge with your existing Project Management Software, HR/Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) or Safety Management System for a well-rounded jobsite toolkit.

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We pick up where other
systems leave off.

Manage the communication on your jobsites with software that was built from the ground up with your workday in mind.


Confidently empower your workforce by utilizing tools that rapidly share knowledge and information directly to their mobile devices.