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Video Toolbox Talks
by Ally Safety

Do you need weekly safety content but can't spend hours creating, editing, and building a library of your own videos? We’ve got you covered. Video Toolbox Talks gets you access to the MindForge Platform and 120+ Toolbox Talks starting at just $125.

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What's included?

120+ Topics

Wide range of content that cover most safety challenges.

Unlimited Access

Assign unlimited content over the year-long subscription.

Device Friendly

HD videos are available on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


All videos are available in English with Spanish subtitles.

Easily access and assign short training content that covers most safety challenges.


Engaging Content

Ally Safety toolbox box talks - hosted by Rachel Walla - are fun to watch and easy to understand - not your standard, terribly produced videos from the ’80s.

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Efficient Delivery

MindForge makes it easy to get regular training content to field crews when you don’t have time to bring them into the office or get out to the field for in-person training.

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OSHA Compliant

Ally Safety’s Toolbox Talks can satisfy OSHA training requirements, and with the MindForge platform, you will have the records to prove your crews completed their training!

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Toolkit Video Catalog

With this subscription, you get unlimited access to over 120+ video toolbox talks by Ally Safety. These videos are beautifully presented, packed with knowledge, and are engaging to watch!

  1. Safety's Hierarchy of Controls
  2. The Incident Pyramid
  3. Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
  4. Mindfulness at Work
  5. 3 Tips for Working Alone Safely
  6. OSHA Competent and Qualified Roles
  7. Housekeeping
  8. Falling Object Protection
  9. Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace
  10. What is a Bloodborne Pathogen?
  11. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plans
  12. Bloodborne Pathogen Clean-Up Methods
  13. The Top 3 Caught-In Hazards
  14. Caught-In and -Between Safety Tips
  15. Introduction to Confined Spaces
  16. 3 Ways to Identify Confined Spaces
  17. Permit-Required Confined Spaces
  18. Atmospheric Testing
  19. Entrant, Attendant, and Supervisor Responsibilities
  20. How to Complete a Confined Space Permit
  21. Common Confined Space Hazards
  22. 3 Skid-Steer Safety Tips
  23. Excavation and Trenching Protective Systems
  24. Soil Classification
  25. What to Do if a Trench Collapse Occurs
  26. Excavation and Trenching Hazard Assessments
  27. Distracted Driving
  28. Fatigue, Road Rage, and Careless Driving
  29. Improper Driving Speed
  30. Impaired Driving
  31. Seatbelts in Accidents Demonstration
  32. The Basics of Electricity
  33. How Electrical Shock Occurs
  34. Arc Flash Hazards
  35. 6 Quick Electrical Safety Tips
  36. Electrical Shock Response
  37. Emergency Roles and Responsibilities
  38. How to Evacuate
  39. Reducing Ergonomic Risks
  40. 3 Tips for Better Ergonomic Positioning
  41. Office and Workstation Ergonomics
  42. Body Mechanics and Ergonomics
  43. Injury Prevention Lessons from Athletes
  44. Fall Protection History
  45. 3 Questions for Work at Heights
  46. Competent and Qualified Roles
  47. Fall Protection Care and Maintenance
  48. The ABC's of Fall Protection (Short Version)
  49. The ABCD's of Fall Protection (Long Version)
  50. Pre-Use Inspection, Don and Adjust
  51. The Fire Triangle
  52. 10 Ways to Prevent Fires
  53. Flammable and Combustible Gases
  54. Recognizing Fire Hazards
  55. Fire Extinguisher Types
  56. How to Inspect a Fire Extinguisher
  57. How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
  58. Old School Fire Extinguisher Video
  59. Forklift Safety Statistics
  60. Forklift Hazards
  61. Forklift Types and Components
  62. The Forklift Stability Pyramid
  63. Forklift Key-Off Inspections
  64. Forklift Key-On Inspections
  65. Forklift Safe Operation Basics
  66. Forklift Pedestrian Safety
  67. GHS Pictograms Explained
  68. The Hazard Communication Standard Explained
  69. Hazardous Substance Labels
  70. Hazardous Substance Secondary Labels
  71. Safety Data Sheets
  72. Simple Spill Clean-Up
  73. What is a Hazard Assessment
  74. Types of Hazards
  75. What's the Risk?!
  76. 3 Thanksgiving Safety Tips
  77. The 12 Hazards of the Holidays
  78. 5 Ladder Facts You Need to Know
  79. How to Choose the Ladder for the Job
  80. Portable Ladder Inspections
  81. Portable Ladder Set Up
  82. Ladder Do's and Don't's
  83. Ladder Care and Storage
  84. Ladder Safety in 4 Minutes
  85. Lockout Tagout Explained
  86. The 3 Lockout Tagout Roles
  87. Identifying Hazardous Energy Sources
  88. Simple Lockout Tagout Demonstration
  89. Locks, Tags, and More
  90. Emergency Lock Removal
  91. Group Lockout Tagout
  92. The Top 3 Machine Hazards
  93. Types of Machine Guards
  94. Working Safely Around Machines
  95. How Loud is Too Loud?
  96. How to Protect Your Hearing
  97. PPE - The Last Line of Defense
  98. Match the PPE to the Hazards
  99. Safety Toe vs. Non-Safety Toe Test
  100. Hard Hat Impact Test
  101. Safety Glasses vs. Non-Safety Glasses
  102. Hard Hat Care
  103. Testing PPE
  104. Testing Chainsaw Chaps
  105. Respiratory Hazards
  106. Respirator Types
  107. Respirator Cartridges and Filters
  108. Respirator Exams and Fit Testing
  109. Respirator Donn, Doff, and Seal Check
  110. The Weird History of the Respirator
  111. Intro to Scaffold Safety
  112. Scaffold Roles and Responsibilities
  113. Common Scaffold Hazards
  114. Identifying Scaffold Hazards
  115. The Top 4 Struck-By Hazards
  116. 4 Struck-By Hazard Safety Tips
  117. Floor and Wall Openings
  118. Stairs
  119. Dockboards
  120. 10 Cold Weather Safety Tips
  121. Heat Illness Prevention
  122. Driving for the Road Conditions
"These are great videos. The content is modern, entertaining, and informative."
Harrison D.
"The content is fresh and the crew pays attention! It makes the safety message a fun part of the meeting rather than the boring part."
Luke P.
"We've had a great response to the toolbox talk videos and I'm glad to have found them!"
Andrea C.


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