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Near-Misses: A Playbook for Specialty Contractors

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June 6, 2024

1:00PM – 1:45PM EST

Session starts in: 5:05:11:20


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Join us for a quick 30-minute huddle session to master the five key decisions that skyrocket jobsite productivity, quality, and safety.

What You'll hear:

Whether you already have a near-miss program in place or are looking to implement one, this Huddle Session is a must-attend.

In it, MindForge founder Stokes McIntyre will use his experience working with specialty contract companies to share his most practical tips on:

  • Quickly and effectively getting buy-in for near-miss reporting among your crews. 
  • An ideal roll-out plan—what it looks like and how to make it stick.
  • Actions you can take today to start the process. 
  • The most effective—and ineffective—messages to deliver to your crews to drive that buy-in.

We’ll send you a FREE copy of the MindForge Near-Miss Playbook immediately following the Huddle Session.

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Who is this for?


Specialty Contractors


Project Executives


Safety Managers


Project Managers




Assistant Superintendents

What We’ll Cover

“How do we deliver work in the next five years?”

That’s the question we hear specialty contractors asking all the time. From aging superintendent and foreman forces, to a pending ‘labor war’ and seemingly non-stop conflict on the job, the pressures are there—and heating up. 

We reached out to industry guru and leadership counselor Perry Maughmer, who has coached specialty contractors for 5 years, to get his take on these topics and more. On March 28, he’ll join MindForge founder Stokes McIntyre to take to the MindForge Huddle Session ‘airwaves’ to share his perspective with our community. Register now to reserve your spot—and submit a question for Perry to answer directly.

The top 5 decisions that make the biggest impact to productivity, quality, safety, and finances on a construction jobsite (they aren’t what you think).
Ways to approach those decisions with ‘fresh eyes’.
Tips on helping your teams get better outcomes in making those decisions.
What’s next? Putting it all into practice.
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About Our Guest

I believe it was Mark Twain who said, "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Mr. Twain was correct and my "why" became clear to me early in my career. I serve others. I don't do this in some selfless charitable way but as a means to lead. I believe that empowering others and ensuring their highest priority needs are met is the most effective and efficient way to do so. It is not about the accumulation and exercise of power but finding ways to share power and put the needs of others first so that they perform to their highest potential.

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About Our Host

Stokes McIntyre is the founder of MindForge. He has worked with field crews and industry leaders for over a decade. His passion for innovation in the construction industry drove him to create the MindForge app, which aims to improve communication for fieldwork.

In addition to developing software and tools, Stokes understands the importance of constantly sharing information quickly and clearly to improve workplaces for everyone, from frontline workers to business owners.

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