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MindForge Huddle Sessions:

Top 5 Decisions Impacting Your Construction Jobsite

(and How to Get the Results You Need)

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December 5, 2023

12:00PM – 12:30PM EST

What You'll Get:
Practical Tips on Small Changes that Make Big Impact On Site

Session starts in: 5:05:11:20


Ready to transform small choices into big wins?

Join us for a quick 30-minute huddle session to master the five key decisions that skyrocket jobsite productivity, quality, and safety.

Who is this for?


Project Manager






Project Executive


Safety Manager


Assistant Superintendent

What We’ll Cover

In this 30-minute session, MindForge CEO Stokes McIntyre walks through the top five decisions that make the biggest impact on a construction jobsite. Small but mighty, these are decisions that, made poorly, can drive the largest drains on money, time, and materials. Made well, though, they can be your crew’s biggest sources of productivity, quality, and even safety.

The top 5 decisions that make the biggest impact to productivity, quality, safety, and finances on a construction jobsite (they aren’t what you think).
Ways to approach those decisions with ‘fresh eyes’.
Tips on helping your teams get better outcomes in making those decisions.
What’s next? Putting it all into practice.
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About Our Host

Stokes McIntyre, president and CEO of MindForge, has been working with field crews and industry leaders for over a decade. His passion for innovation in the construction industry is what drove him to create the MindForge app with the sole purpose of improving communication on job sites.

In addition to developing software and tools, Stokes understands the importance of constantly sharing knowledge within the industry to help make workplaces better for frontline workers and business owners alike.

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