One platform for field communication.

MindForge is packed with features to help you do great work.

No Email Required

Enable communication and training without relying on company email addresses, making it accessible and efficient for personnel who may not have company email accounts, including your subcontractors.

Group Messaging

Send messages, updates, and important information to specific teams or crews within your organization, ensuring efficient and targeted communication.

Two-way Chat

Real-time, interactive communication between users on a team, fostering immediate and effective conversations, feedback, and collaboration within the platform.

Track Message Views

Track who has viewed specific messages, allowing you to monitor engagement and ensure vital information reaches the intended recipients.

Video & Image Sharing

Share videos and pictures easily, helping you explain things visually or build awareness of something important that the entire crew needs to see.

User Profiles

Personal worker profiles track training, certifications, and notes, providing a comprehensive view of qualifications and progress. Keep your workforce organized and informed.

Learning Management

Create and share training courses to mobile devices and easily track completions to ensure accountability for your team.


Connect your employee directories, keeping worker info up-to-date across systems, ensuring accurate records and efficient operations.

More Features

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