One platform for your communication, knowledge and training.

MindForge is packed with all the features your team needs to promote safe, efficient work.


Every worker has one. MindForge tracks completed training, certifications, and notes for every worker with a personal profile, providing a comprehensive view of their progress and qualifications.

Message Center

Send messages to entire teams or job sites, with options to attach images, PDFs, or videos, track message views, and allow message replies to engage in conversations with the field.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

MindForge offers two applications - a browser-based desktop application and a mobile app for crews in the field, available on Android and iOS. The combination of browser and mobile apps allows crews to access messages and training from anywhere on any device.

Company Onboarding
Grow your team effortlessly.

Welcome new employees to your team even without a company email, and assign a site-specific orientation they can complete right on their mobile device.


MindForge captures data for training completion and message views, allowing companies to measure the effectiveness of their communication efforts. This data can be displayed within the platform, sent to data visualization tools, or integrated with other software applications.


MindForge's marketplace offers over 350 courses on safety and leadership topics, with the ability to pick and assign training to teams or individuals and track completion. Marketplace content is highly rated by workers, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Custom Courses

Upload your videos, PDFs, and images to create custom courses. Assign them and track completion. It’s like your private youtube channel and a great way to train your teams on the company and site-specific information.


Keep your crews informed on job site-specific information by setting up a dedicated portal for each site, posting site notes, organizing teams, and providing maps, required PPE, and important phone numbers that workers can access with a single tap.


MindForge allows companies to organize their people into teams, making it easy to send messages and training to specific groups based on location, trade, learning objectives, or equipment type. Teams are only limited by your imagination.

Certification Tracking

With MindForge, companies can easily track completed certifications, see when certifications are overdue, and load certifications from either the desktop or mobile app, ensuring workers stay up-to-date on required qualifications.


MindForge offers custom integrations with existing software platforms, allowing for easy connection with employee directories and the ability to push training records to and from the MindForge platform, ensuring up-to-date information and efficient workflows.

And more on the way.

With a full-time development team based in the United States, MindForge is constantly under active development and new features are rolling out all the time.

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