July 1, 2022

Leveraging tech to distribute critical information during the coronavirus outbreak

From biotech to virtual classrooms, remote interactions and communication have become top of mind for enterprises across various sectors as circumstances around COVID-19 continue to unfold. As our nation grapples with the crisis at hand, business leaders are relying heavily on technology to keep their teams informed, empowered and safe during these unprecedented times.

Right now, circumstances are changing by the hour and effective communication that reaches an entire workforce is a critical function. Organizations around the globe have been forced to take swift action to ensure that protecting and supporting their teams remains top priority, and the construction industry is no exception. Construction consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous occupations in America and as such, there is a constant need to work diligently to keep construction teams safe in all situations. As the coronavirus outbreak develops, the ability to disseminate information quickly has become especially pertinent.

Unfortunately, traditional communication methods have left construction managers struggling to deliver crucial information to those who need it most.

The MindForge platform fulfills this need by establishing a solid line of communication from the home office to the front line, allowing project leaders to efficiently send timely information to their entire workforce. The comprehensive communication hub simplifies the process and allows for consistent messaging and expectations for everyone involved in the project.

The fact is when it comes to safety and quality, everyone needs to be on the same page from top to bottom.

With updates around the coronavirus continuously evolving, the ability to deliver life-saving information has become even more vital.

As new regulations are being put in place every day, more offices and management teams are being required to work from home, yet many essential construction projects must go on. Because safety managers cannot be on the job site in-person, they face new challenges around how to communicate with the front-line workforce. Having the means to communicate through technology during this time also supports the safe, contactless interaction that has been encouraged or mandated throughout the nation.

Certain organizations are looking at MindForge specifically as a tool to send COVID-19 updates to their workers. More commonly, we are seeing the platform used for announcements that transmit general information. A large percentage of a construction company’s workforce are not using a computer for day-to-day or minute-by-minute communication. It means software like Zoom — while providing tremendous value for many other types of organizations right now — is not a practical solution to keep an entire construction team or company on the same page. Instead, our partners are utilizing the ability to send announcements via MindForge as a way to communicate out to the field.

In order to best execute rapid deployment of the platform to an entire organization, a new feature allows workers to more easily onboard and access the MindForge app without needing guidance from a foreman or superintendent. Now, individuals can export a payroll system, requiring just a first name, last name and phone number, and create an account with a general password. Then, they’ll receive a text message with instructions on how to download the app. This feature makes it possible to onboard up to 10,000 people in one hour.

Construction companies, like Berglund Construction, have continued to rely on digital communication tools to keep teams focused on tasks and share safety and quality reminders amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Jeff Berglund, Project Manager at Berglund Construction, notes that it’s imperative that updates about COVID-19 are shared quickly with job site staff and that teams can continue to operate seamlessly with new procedures while keeping focused on safely performing the typical tasks on the job.

In addition to communicating critical information to their workers instantaneously, construction leaders can use the platform to deploy virtual training modules to move training initiatives forward without needing physical contact,continuing progress on the job site while adhering to recommendations from government officials.

If we are open to listening, learning from one another and ultimately acting, we are all extraordinarily well-positioned today with the ability to harness technology to share information, make swift, collective decisions and save lives.

Learn more about how the MindForge platform is bridging the communication disconnect between the home office and front-line workforce during COVID-19 here, or to talk about how to get MindForge set up on your job sites, reach out to us here.

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