October 9, 2023

MindForge announces partnership with Associated Builders & Contractors, Ohio Valley

OVABC members will receive an exclusive 20% discount when signing up to use the MindForge platform.

MindForge, the holistic communication and education hub designed to unite construction organizations, announces a new partnership with Associated Builders & Contractors, Ohio Valley (OVABC). The partnership gives OVABC members an exclusive 20% discount when signing up to use MindForge’s platform.

The platform offers a flexible feature set, suiting OVABC’s varying member sizes and specialties. With the sliding price scale, large and small contractors alike can acquire the platform to better educate their workers, mitigating insurance risks while more efficiently operating. MindForge is proud to partner with OVABC, providing their members with tailored solutions for unique needs.

“Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of MindForge is how it is easily adopted by companies of all sizes and trades,” said John Morris, President and CEO of OVABC. “It is not something exclusive to big contractors with a high cost of software or hardware. It’s app-based approach is simple and easy to rapidly deploy.”

MindForge’s platform, which educates and empowers construction teams to do great work, was built with contractors, for contractors. It tackles common challenges in trade fields, providing easy-to-adopt solutions that save time, money and lives.  

The platform’s mobile-based skills training programs provide workers with the knowledge and information that allows them to avoid job site hazards and do quality work, all while bridging the disconnect between the home office and front-line workforce.

MindForge is the first workforce app designed for workers in the field, and believes a job well done is one that keeps team members safe and stands the test of time. From the technical details of the project to parking information, MindForge is a necessary communication tool for every level of a construction team.
To schedule a demo of the platform, visit mindforge.live/contact-us/.

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