March 6, 2024

Why Texting Isn’t The Answer You Think It Is

As a leader in construction, you know how quickly problems can crop up on any job.

You’re on the hook to get the work done, so any issues the teams hit need to be addressed quickly.

When multiple crews are deployed across town, face-to-face communication goes out the window. You need a solution to reach multiple people and relay the necessary information instantly.

Since 97% of US adults have cell phones these days, the easiest solution is obviously texting. But just because texting is free and easy doesn’t mean it’s without flaws.

Here are some often-overlooked issues:

  • Hassle to add & remove - When teams of workers change or revolve, keeping a consistent group chat with all the correct members becomes impossible. Maintaining accurate group chats becomes a job in and of itself.
  • Who am I talking to?- When new folks are added to a group chat, they’ll show up as just a phone number unless you personally add their contact info. Talking to more than a few nameless bubbles can get confusing fast.
  • Wasted time searching- Trying to go back and find specific conversations can turn into a big timesink. Especially when you have work conversations and personal text chains mixed together.
  • Did anyone see this? - It’s hard to tell who in a group text has or has not seen a message once it’s been sent. If someone doesn’t respond, you’re left wondering if they saw the message and are currently handling the situation or if they missed it entirely. 
  • Can’t control data - Text messages live solely on the devices of each recipient. That means if a team member leaves a job, they still have access to all of those old messages, even if you delete them from your device.
  • No archiving - When a project is done, you can’t archive or save any of the corresponding text chains. You just have to ensure they never get deleted from your text list.

Secure apps like MindForge were created specifically to solve issues like these, giving you all the benefits of texting without all of the downsides. Messages go straight to workers’ phones as quickly and effectively as texts, but you control the data – making it easier to organize and maintain groups while giving you the clarity and security you need when communicating with your company.

Try MindForge for yourself and start sending more efficient messages today. Or check out our video demo to learn more.

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