Mindforge for executives

Maintain your hard-earned company culture and reputation.

In business, your reputation is everything. You’ve built your organization around maintaining specific values and expectations across all your company, helping your team to do their best work on every project.

But as your business grows that culture becomes harder and harder to maintain. You’ve got more projects and locations to manage, more front line workers to supervise, and more trade partners being onboarded that may or may not share those same values that have gotten you where you are today.

You need a platform that helps keep your company culture intact and your employees in-the-know.

Maintain your company culture by making it easy to loop in your employees and your partners’/vendors’ employees - even if they don’t have an email address. This includes the one-way & two-way communication capabilities your teams have gotten used to from social media, but within a secure network. When information flows readily to every person on your team, you’re able to communicate your culture to every project no matter how far from the home office they are.

This is why we created MindForge.


Berglund Construction partners with MindForge to deliver their company’s core values across all of their jobsites.

Read For Yourself

“The MindForge platform aligns perfectly with our three core values: Client satisfaction, operational excellence, and innovation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety and quality programs – and MindForge’s technology offers a cutting-edge way to take those programs to the next level. We’re excited about what’s ahead.”

Fred Berglund

Promote Your
Company Culture

An executive’s message promoting the company’s values and culture can influence employees at all levels. The message is more impactful when sent to a specific project team or internal team. MindForge gives executives the flexibility to send out a targeted message to teams and be confident that the message will be accessible on each employee’s mobile phone.

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Information In Hand and On-Demand

Executives struggle to find the time to visit each location and express their gratitude to their teams for all of their hard work. MindForge allows executives to send out a message to the whole organization, a specific job site or several job sites.

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You’re in good company.

Join the best companies in the world using MindForge to elevate their safety, quality, and productivity.