July 1, 2022

Berglund and Pepper Indiana Partner with MindForge

Lifesaving technology provider MindForge announces two new partnerships.

MindForge, the exposure-based training technology provider, is announcing new partnerships with Berglund Construction and Pepper Indiana Construction. In collaboration with these partners, MindForge aims to make training easier to enforce and faster to implement by improving communication between the home office and the front line workforce.

Pepper Indiana will deploy the technology on-site in Indianapolis in January 2020. Berglund Construction rolled out the MindForge platform on-site in Columbus last month.

“MindForge’s ability to provide interactive training components – such as quizzes and exposure-based training – is more memorable and overall more effective for my team compared to traditional training practices,” said Jeff Berglund, Project Manager at Berglund Construction. “MindForge has gone above and beyond our initial expectations, offering a comprehensive safety solution for not only tracking training but our day-to-day safety documentation. The ability to add our own content, too, is a bonus.”

Earlier this year, Pankow Builders rolled out the platform to one team at a Southern California job site and has plans to expand to additional job sites in 2020.

“Traditionally, training would take employees nearly eight hours – a full work day,” said James Downey, Senior Safety Manager at Pankow. “MindForge’s platform allows us to deliver quality training to every single employee in less than two hours so they can get back to work the same day – informed, empowered and safe.”

MindForge’s team of engineers, designers, writers and operations managers create innovative risk-based training that pushes beyond compliance. The browser-based technology platform communicates with desktop, web and mobile devices to bridge the disconnect between the home office and frontline workforce, equipping workers with customized training modules that are designed to be interactive, efficient and lifesaving.

“In addition to providing the ability to better record and report on our current training needs, MindForge has helped us differentiate ourselves against competitors. We want workers to choose Pepper and continue working on our sites. MindForge is helping us enhance the way we’re able to treat and train our team and ultimately establish a cutting edge, safe and desirable work environment.”

Dave Murphy - Safety Director, Pepper Indiana

“We’re excited to be working with Berglund and Pepper Indiana in 2020 as we continue to expand the reach of our platform and the number of workers that are receiving better training,” said Stokes McIntyre, President of MindForge. “Improving communication and empowering the front-line workforce with the right information to make safe decisions on a job site can help decrease the overall possibility of a SIF occurrence – which is our ultimate mission.”

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