Company-wide communication and content distribution made easy.

Onboard employees and subcontractors quickly, organize them into job sites and teams, and then communicate efficiently and clearly.

There are two parts to MindForge

The Communication Platform

There’s a more reliable way to communicate.

Invite your employees (office and remote), your 3rd party trade partners and suppliers, and organize them into teams. Send important project, quality and safety information to their mobile devices. MindForge also allows your 3rd party partners to communicate directly with their own team at no additional cost!

The Mindforge Platform is a digital application designed to connect your leaders to the front line.

The two apps that work together to make up MindForge.

The MindForge Web Portal

The MF Web Portal is your administrative gateway into managing your organization, employee network, training, messaging centers and jobsite dashboards.

The MindForge Mobile App

The MF Mobile App is used by your workers to access information, communication, training and jobsite information that is posted on the MF Web Portal.

The CLS App

The CLS App for mobile and desktop allows your employees to access our suite of interactive training programs, from 3D Simulations and Hazard Hunts on mobile devices and a computer.

The Content

Education in Hand, On Demand.

Assign it. Track it. Use MindForge to deliver personalized and relevant educational content to your field and office workforce. Load up your own content or pick from the MindForge Marketplace. Build a custom library that meets the demands of your work. Save time by delivering courses to mobile devices in the field.

Your Custom Content

Many organizations produce great content specific to the needs of their workforce yet struggle to distribute the training to the teams that need it. MindForge can help.

Leverage existing content - videos, PDFs, and images
Assign your content to teams or individuals in multiple languages
Track worker completion

JordanFoster Construction created custom courses to enhance their Crisis Management training. This allows them to not only track who participated in the training but also provides crisis leaders with quick and easy access to the protocols on their mobile devices.

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Marketplace Content

The MindForge marketplace is your one-stop-shop for powerful and engaging pre-made educational content from both MindForge and our third-party Partners.

Features MindForge’s Construction LifeSaver content.
Best-in-class content from providers like JJ Keller, Affordable Safety Training, Marcom, CAHill, and Ally Safety
Affordable enough to train everyone, not just the managers.

Turnkey Tunneling assigns our Toolbox Talk topics to their workforce every week. With a wide variety of topics available in the Marketplace, they’re able to select lessons relevant to the work their teams are doing and assign them in just a few clicks!

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