One app, lots of ways to help your work

When face to face communication isn’t feasible, the MindForge app allows you and your team to deliver face to face messages straight to each-other’s phones - increasing productivity, reducing rework, and strengthening your team even when they’re far apart.


Deliver Site Specific Orientation Videos:

New hires jump into their first day having watched a video tour of the site and are already familiar with the job and their leadership team, giving you more time to simply answer questions.


Discuss Daily Instructions and Progress:

Start the day with a post summarizing the day’s plan and allow the crew to reply with questions and updates as they arise. Keep an eye on the post throughout the day and stay up to date without needing to track each other down.


Alert Crews of New Site Operations:

Send up-to-the-minute alerts regarding changing schedules, weather warnings, and safety events ensuring employees have enough time to take the proper precautions.


Provide Instructions for Specific Tasks:

Quickly and easily train employees on complex tasks by sharing step-by-step video instruction, empowering them to nail the task correctly on the first attempt and avoiding rework.


Share Knowledge and Lessons Learned:

During breaks, crews can view posts and virtual toolbox talks that allow more experienced members of the team to share lessons and stories, building awareness and better preparing crews for potential dangers.


Send Messages to Strengthen the Team:

When great work is done, celebrate it by sharing congratulatory shout-outs and kudos. This boosts your team's morale and inspires others, leading to a stronger company culture.