One tool for all your training, communication, and onboarding.

The research is clear: Distributed workforces have to communicate. When they do, productivity goes up, rework goes down, and safety awareness is increased. Only MindForge allows your team to stay trained, in-the-know, and connected to the culture of your organization.

Toolbox talks

Kick the week off right.

A typical morning safety huddle or toolbox talk usually consists of reading from a script, but because of our natural brain function, this isn’t necessarily the best way to gather or retain information. Engage your workers with personalized video content that’s relevant to their roles and prepares them for the upcoming work week.

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Schedule Changes

Get your frontline workers the information they need fast.

The MindForge platform allows you to close communication gaps with instantaneous updates pushed out directly to the front line, taking quality and safety to the next level. By utilizing mobile communication technology, workers can reference company materials at any time, ensuring that they always have accurate and up-to-date information.

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Company Updates

Strengthen your company culture with personal and frequent communication.

Establishing direct and frequent lines of communication can be difficult among a distributed workforce, where workers rotate from jobsite to jobsite. But the hardware to do this already exists: 92% of workers use smartphones on the job site according to JB Knowledge’s 2020 report. MindForge provides an easy-to-use channel to communicate and encourages consistent, authentic company-wide communication, igniting a positive community culture where workers feel energized and heard.

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Just-in-Time Training

Relevant worker education, in hand and on-demand.

The MindForge Content Library contains over 150 titles available to assign and deploy to your teams in just a few clicks. Use our training content, created in partnership with some of the biggest names in the industry, or upload your own custom content specific to your project. For example, Pepper Construction has used MindForge to create individualized training for tradespeople that targets areas specific to their jobs and roles. Assignments can include due dates and reminders so workers always know when they have required training to take.

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Worker Onboarding

Rapidly onboard new employees and trade partners.

Onboarding new employees and contractors is easier than ever! Quickly and seamlessly send specific training and onboarding documentation to employees with created accounts in the MindForge web and mobile application, even if they don’t have an email address. A phone number and a simple onboarding code are all they need to get up and running.

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Installation Specifics

Provide details of the work to those who need it most.

With so many new people joining the workforce, organizations need an easy way to train on the job in a quick and efficient manner. MindForge allows leaders to share installation specifics such as details of the unique materials to be used and incapability of materials. Team leaders can create a video detailing each step of the installation and share it with each of the team members responsible for performing the work.

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