April 1, 2024

Demolish Language Barriers on Your Jobsite - Effortless Two-Way Translation

Language barriers affect a big chunk of job sites across the US.

Did you know around a third of all construction workers are Latino? Many speak little to no English. And this language gap isn't just a minor inconvenience—it can be a serious issue!

Lost in Translation

Imagine not fully understanding crucial information at work. It's not just frustrating; it's inefficient and dangerous. When a worker can't communicate effectively, they're more likely to make a mistake which could lead to rework, schedule changes, injuries, or worse.

How Do Teams Tackle This Problem Today?

On some jobs, Spanish speakers will hold a second morning huddle to translate everything that was said in the main one. Are we comfortable with that? It puts a lot of pressure on the crew to sort things out for themselves. And what if they get it wrong?

Other times, site leaders take it upon themselves to translate and send out communications in both English and Spanish. This is great, but it can take time and is easy to forget. Especially when everyone’s in a hurry.

Let the App Do it For You

MindForge (the all-in-one messaging and training app for specialty contract crews) is ready to break down those language barriers once and for all:

Not only can you easily onboard, organize, and message your entire crew at once, but with MindForge's new auto-translate feature, all messages will automatically translate into Spanish for users whose phones are set to Spanish. 

And that’s not even the best part: Spanish-speaking workers can reply back in their native language, and the messages will be translated into English for the English speakers. 

The Result

No more relying on leaders or teams to translate messages for their co-workers. Just fire off your notes or huddle-overviews, and everyone's on the same page in no time.

Plus, think about how empowering this is for Spanish-speaking workers. They can finally speak up, voice their concerns, join conversations, and connect better with their teams—all in their native language and instantly understood by everyone.

With auto-translate, we can make our job sites safer, more inclusive, and a whole lot easier to navigate. Say adiós to language barriers and hola to seamless communication!

Ready to give MindForge a shot? Try it now and get your whole crew talking today.

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