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Won't having my workers use MindForge on their cell phones distract them from their job?
What if not all of my workers have smartphones?
What if my workers don't want to use their personal phones?
How does MindForge differ from your typical LMS software?
How are workers going to know they have messages?
Can MindForge integrate with other software?
Does the worker need a company email address to access MindForge?
Does MindForge replace my project management software?
Does MindForge replace my Safety Management System?
Does administering site-specific orientations through MindForge replace the fit for duty check?
What content can I load into the system?
Has OSHA Approved MindForge's training content?
What kind of guarantee do I have if we try out MindForge and it isn't for us?
What does MindForge cost?
We use Microsoft Teams, why would I use MindForge?
How will I onboard sub contractors who don't work for my organization?
What does the onboarding process look like?
How hard is it to load my workers into the system?