March 29, 2024

How Foremost Paving Streamlined Their Field Communication

Foremost Paving is a civil construction contractor based in Elsa, TX.

They focus on everything from paving, utilities, drainage, bridge construction, and more. With so many projects on hand, they wanted to improve their communication and better reach their teams. Recently, they teamed with MindForge to streamline the way they deliver information.

Some of their biggest challenges: 

  • Communicating directly with crews out in the field
  • Sending out new-hire orientations
  • Delivering training to specific groups
  • Tracking completed training 
  • Losing time due to bad weather

Since MindForge is an all-in-one communication and training app, it gave them the power to navigate these issues all in one place. "[We have] always excelled in communication and organization, yet these were previously managed through numerous programs,” said Luis Ramos, Training Specialist for Foremost Paving. “Discovering MindForge, with its comprehensive suite of tools, was a game-changer, enabling us to centralize these functions into one platform.”

“Discovering MindForge, with its comprehensive suite of tools, was a game-changer, enabling us to centralize these functions into one platform.”

Foremost Paving now uses MindForge to deliver:

  • Equipment notes
  • Schedule reminders
  • Weekly safety topics
  • Recaps of morning huddles
  • Incident reports and directions
  • Near miss encounters
  • Daily equipment haul, service, and fueling reports

They also take advantage of bad weather days to send onboarding and training materials directly to their crew's phones. During a recent surge, they quickly onboarded three separate divisions remotely. All of whom were ready to tackle work as soon as the weather cleared.

MindForge provides teams a platform that everyone can access to receive the necessary information, said Ramos. That's because MindForge is a simple phone app anyone can download (even if they don't have an email). By making a profile and entering a short join-code, they're automatically added to the correct team. They gain access to specialized announcements and onboarding material, and you get a comprehensive list of employees and the ability to track message views and training completions.

When field leaders can easily send messages directly to their crews, everyone gets on the same page at lightning speed. This ensures no one gets left in the dark which builds efficiency and boosts morale. “This shift not only streamlined our processes but also enhanced our company's unity and collaborative spirit,” said Ramos. 

How can MindForge help you and YOUR company grow and meet your goals?

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