Mindforge for Operations/Project Management

Is rework destroying your bottom line?

Imagine you are building a 20-story high rise and the trade partner you hired to install the bathroom tiles completes work up to the 12th floor. Then the owner shows up and tells you the membrane installed behind the tile is the wrong material. He ordered a higher-quality membrane that reduces water damage.

It turns out the details about the specific membrane were never communicated to the workers. The employees assumed the material that showed up on-site was correct and completed the work as instructed.

The owner demands you tear out the work and install the correct membrane per the agreed contract. Your trade partners can’t afford the time and materials to perform the rework so they walk off the job, and the reputation hit from the fiasco follows you around on all your successive bids. This is a true story, by the way.

Give your workers the info they need in-hand and on-demand.

You need help reducing the cost of rework by establishing a direct line to the front-line worker, providing a single source of truth and allowing you and their supervisor to deliver information and knowledge right into their hands. It’s imperative to balance owner demands while still delivering high quality work on time and on budget, eliminating the inconsistency of word of mouth delivery and finally solving the issue of rework once and for all. 

This is why we created MindForge.


Berglund Construction utilized MindForge to deliver custom training videos to the craft workers tackling their most innovative project to date.

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“We used the MindForge platform to deliver the content directly to the smart phones of the 30 Berglund tradespeople tasked with performing these complex repairs on suspended scaffold systems hundreds of feet in the air. This innovative training program bolstered our crew’s confidence that they could perform these custom repairs from day one.”

Jeff Berglund
Senior Project Manager

Worker Onboarding

When a worker comes onsite they scan a QR code to download the app and punch in an onboarding code to join their team and take the assigned courses listed under My Assignments. Can’t get much easier than that!

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Jobsite Orientation

With MindForge, a site-specific orientation can be assigned to all workers who onboard to your project. The required orientation becomes available on the front line workers mobile phone. MindForge gives you time back in your day to spend time in the field, where you are needed most. 

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Information In Hand and On-Demand

As an operations manager, you need an efficient way to communicate with team leads and front line workers and vice versa. All messages sent via MindForge remain in a recipient’s message history, allowing them to refer back to it later. And as a manager, you can confirm who viewed the message, ensuring every worker has seen the most up-to-date information.

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Real-Time Alerts/Notifications

Operations needs a quick way to communicate issues with team leads and the front line workers. Installation issues can be captured and communicated in real-time, schedule changes can be easily communicated to specific teams when they occur, and you’re able to alert the entire project of scheduled inspections or owner visits.

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You’re in good company.

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