July 1, 2022

Advanced Training Solutions are Positively Impacting Safety Teams

Toolbox talks, morning huddles and off-site training days have gotten us this far, but why are the numbers of serious injuries and fatalities slow to decrease across the industry?

At MindForge, we have put a lot of thought and energy into this question as our mission is to reduce serious injuries and fatalities.

What we’ve found so far is that the biggest adjustment the construction industry can make ​right now ​ to avoid conditions that lead to failure is prioritizing in-the-moment training and holistic communication from the top down through advanced training solutions.

People are more likely to make decisions based on the information they remember, rather than what is necessarily correct. Because construction staff members have a lot on their minds, that makes it even more important to provide safety training and refreshers for​ tasks on the job​ to ensure there are no small oversights.

Using advanced training solutions on the job site

Advanced training solutions are providing much-needed data to safety managers while having the ability to deploy life-saving training through videos, quizzes, virtual reality and 3D simulators that result in a more memorable experience. Exposure-based training is an engaging way for the frontline to receive these in-the-moment safety messages and provides safety managers critical visibility into where more training is needed among the craft level workforce. In turn, this creates clarity within safety teams as to where they should focus training initiatives, provide further instruction or increase communications around a job site’s specific hazards.

Utilizing exposure-based training platforms provides a “hands-on” experience, giving front-line workers the opportunity to encounter different situations while in a safe environment that allows safety managers to identify and act on areas that require clarity or improvement.

Track training completion

Through advanced training solutions and mobile communication tools, safety teams can also transparently see training completion rates on their job sites. One of our partners, ​Pankow​, is seeing a record 98 percent completion rate from its workforce and has been able to reduce its average training time per employee from eight hours to under two through the ​MindForge Platform. Pankow’s digital training provides the ability to scale its training initiatives to reach more workers and makes it easier to track workers’ training progress on all job sites. After deploying the platform, the company saved more than $12,000 in training time on a single job site alone.

Results like these are highlighting how advanced training solutions are making valuable impacts for construction companies from the front line to the bottom line while supporting critical safety teams and reducing serious injuries.

We know it can be daunting to revamp your company’s training processes. That’s why our simple onboarding model requires only a first name, last name and phone number, and we’ll take it from there.
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