January 15, 2024

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Take a look at the image below and pinpoint any issues you see.

When you’re ready, reveal the answers under the image. Then take a gander at solutions on how to quickly communicate out to your team(s) when something like this (or part of it) presents itself.

#1 Broken Guardrail

Unprotected edges are one of the leading causes of injury on a jobsite. Making sure fall protection like guardrails are installed and secure is integral.

#2 Open Hole

Ground holes, even a couple inches wide, need to be properly covered and marked. Even if a person doesn’t fall in, it’s possible for a tool or debris to get knocked into it and hit someone below.

#3 Improper Ladder Use

Not only is this ladder not safely extending three feet past the landing edge, but it’s an a-frame ladder being used like an extension ladder.

#4 Broken Ladder Rung

While you may think you can skip this rung going up, you can’t guarantee you’ll remember on the way down, which is a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

#5 Unbalanced Footing

If your ladder is missing a foot or simply sitting on an uneven surface, trying to level it with a makeshift solution is extremely risky.

Jobsites are busy places. You never know when or where you may run into a hazard like the ones highlighted above. 

When you come across something potentially dangerous, what do you do? 

Walking away, even if you intend to solve the issue later, can put others at risk. Some teammates may not be as vigilant as you, and when that happens, they could end up getting injured or worse. 

We know it’s not always feasible to safeguard a hazard as soon as you come across it (you may not have the time or materials on-hand to do so). But when that’s the case, communicating the hazard to the rest of your team is the next best course of action. 

Whether you’re contacting someone to mitigate the issue, or simply informing the rest of the team so they can avoid the area until the problem gets solved, keeping everyone in-the-loop is the only way to ensure you and your team remain safe on the job.

With the MindForge app, you and your crew can easily keep the team informed of new jobsite risks that arise. To learn more about this and other ways MindForge can improve the overall experience on your jobsite, check out our website.

And if you spotted anything we missed in the image above, reach out and let us know!

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