July 1, 2022

Now is the time to integrate technology on the jobsite

COVID-19 showed us how quickly an entire industry can be turned on its head.

As a result of the pandemic, construction teams have been challenged to rapidly reduce headcounts, work from home and implement new safety training all at once. Having a clear way to communicate just as rapidly to a remote workforce should now be on your team’s list of top priorities.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, the construction industry would typically utilize the job site as the localization point to get everyone up to speed on the day’s tasks, but there wasn’t an efficient way to keep them up to speed when they weren’t on the physical site. Establishing a network that connects the home office to the front line of workers has proven to be important through the pandemic, and traditional in-person communication hasn’t been effective – or sometimes even an option – in delivering critical information to the craft worker.

Now is the time for your organization to implement a mobile-based communication network to support safety, quality and communication, allowing your team to seamlessly share updates system-wide and even scale operations.

Seamless Integration

Onboarding your entire workforce to the MindForge platform requires just the first name, last name and phone number of each member. The onboarding process occurs in phases, and MindForge staff serves as a guide each step of the way.

Phase one begins at crew level and consists of 1 – 2 weeks of messaging in easily digestible formats to alert the workforce of the upcoming rollout and to familiarize them with the platform. In the second phase, crew leaders learn about the platform’s numerous benefits and capabilities and learn how to execute the onboarding process. In the third and final phase, crew leaders onboard their teams with the support of the MindForge staff.

From there, you can start implementing no-touch orientations and digital training instantly, offering courses on various equipment training in order to get the workforce started on the job as quickly as possible. As some jobs continue throughout the pandemic, bringing workers or subcontractors into a trailer or office to show safety and training videos might not always be possible in order to maintain safe distances. MindForge enables you to deliver this same information digitally, directly to their mobile devices.

Effective Communication

The MindForge software also allows craft workers in the field to have a two-way conversation with the project team, mitigating any confusion, uncertainty and risk on the job site. This reduces losses from operational friction and saves your company time and money, giving you and your team peace of mind. If there’s an emergency or need for mass communications on the job site, the home office now has access to quickly notify the whole team on their mobile phone.

MindForge helps keep your workforce in the loop long before they step foot on the job site, and with things changing rapidly in the new normal, it’s more critical than ever to engage your team with more communication and more relevant training – more frequently. Moving to a mobile-based communication and training platform sets your team up for long-term success now, to prevent work stoppages, confusion and even serious injury and fatality risk later.

Reach out to us here if you’re interested in learning more.

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