July 1, 2022

4 Tips to Improve Team Safety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We created MindForge with the mission to save lives. As the circumstances around COVID-19 continue to unfold, it is increasingly critical to make proactive decisions that are grounded in the safety of your team.

Protecting and supporting your workforce is top priority. With shelter in place directives from government leaders, we know only essential workers are still allowed to be on site, while your safety team may need to work from home. From the beginning, our platform was designed to deliver information quickly, ensuring everyone  – from the home office to the front line – has life-saving information easily accessible. That’s why we want to share the top tips for continuing to improve team safety and overall quality in operations at the job site in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Keep the refreshers coming

Your construction teams have a lot on their minds. If we look at the availability heuristic, people are likely to make decisions based on the information they remember, not necessarily what is correct. And in such an uncertain time, that makes it even more important to provide safety training and refreshers for the typical tasks on the job to ensure there is no small oversight that could potentially lead to a SIF.

Luckily through MindForge, you can utilize the mobile phone-based training modules to support training and continue progress while adhering to recommendations from government officials. Each training module is available to all of your workers, and they have quick access to the safety techniques that are most important to their job site and the task at hand.

Not currently using MindForge? We can ramp you up quickly and onboard up to 10,000 employees an hour with only their first name, last name and phone number. Reach out to us here if you’re interested in learning more.

Send updates from the home office quickly

Things right now are changing by the day – or even by the hour. Make sure that your entire team is kept in the loop with any major actions that might affect them. Within the MindForge platform, contractors are able to communicate critical information to their entire company, a single job site or specific teams instantaneously. Eliminating any uncertainty within your job site is crucial right now, and it’s important to send updates as quickly as possible to all of your workers.

Check in regularly with your front-line team

During this uncertain time, it’s a good idea to regularly send notes to your team on a daily or weekly basis so they know the home office is continuing to closely monitor the situation and make decisions with the team’s safety in mind.    

Similarly, make sure that you’re connecting with the front-line team on the job site on a daily basis. Beyond asking about their health and if they’re feeling any symptoms, it’s crucial to understand if they have any questions, concerns or hesitations about the day’s work. Now is the time to increase communication across job sites in order to reduce any risky or potentially fatal situations.

Increase sanitization and health standards to prevent the spread of the virus

Finally, make sure your team is trained on and aware of the important sanitization and health practices in order to stay safe and healthy. We’ve compiled a video here with some best practices so your teams don’t spread the virus or get sick themselves.

At MindForge, our infrastructure is designed to allow us to be fully operational in times of crisis and disruption such as the ones we are facing today. We are grateful that our operating protocols allow for such adaptations without the loss of any data, applications or productivity so we can continue to work closely with you.

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