July 1, 2022

Construction technology to use in 2021

How to simplify job site communication and maximize performance quality

2021 is the year to pursue zero: zero losses, zero defects, zero injuries and zero lives lost.

As a superintendent, foreman or safety director, you know how critical it is for your construction projects to be completed on time, on budget and without injury. While navigating a more complicated world, this has never been more important.  

JB Knowledge’s 2020 report found that 37% of construction teams aren’t using any technology. But technology is proving to be incredibly effective in improving operations across the board.

In order to achieve zero in 2021, it will be key to ensure you have a direct and transparent way to communicate with the front-line team, which will in turn ensure that you’re operating most efficiently and safely. This will be the year to adopt and integrate new technology within your toolbox.

First, tackling productivity:

Better communication supports improved operational efficiency. There are a lot of stoppages on a worksite in the day-to-day. These often feel like a normal part of the job, and while you can plan and prepare for potential stoppages, it’s difficult to get that time back if you don’t have an instantaneous way to alert the crew.

Say a shipment is delayed or there is a last-minute change to parking. With a tech tool like MindForge, you can send an alert to either the entire workforce or just to those that need it in an instant, saving your whole crew time and energy.

We’ve found that these alerts can actually increase productivity by 35% since your team can get back to their normal work quicker.

There are a lot of digital construction tools that pull data and information from the job site. MindForge, on the other hand, pushes information to the job site. MindForge gives you a communication tool to share initiatives, provide education and communicate change management based on the data you’re already pulling from the field.

Confidence is key:

Productivity is only one aspect of efficiency. As a superintendent, safety director or foreman, part of your job is to onboard, train, ensure documents are in order and clearly communicate work site expectations.

When new workers walk on to your job site, MindForge allows you to access their training certifications, emergency contact information and employee profile and send quick educational videos that are relevant to your specific project. New employees will get onboarded faster and start work quicker while feeling more confident about tackling the job at hand. A confident attitude is key, and when your team feels like they have the education and tools they need to complete a job, they’re more likely to complete it safely.

Improving efficiency across your operations is also important for winning new clients and keeping your reputation top notch.When your team is able to onboard, train, communicate and operate more efficiently through a tool like MindForge, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

New OSHA regulations:

We were hoping we could get through a blog post without mentioning the pandemic, but it’s worth noting the complications it’s added to your day-to-day. With new COVID-19-related regulations to help stop the spread of the coronavirus and new rules requiring employers to take additional precautions, it’s important to make sure that everyone on your site stays on the same page.

We’ve added new content to the platform that supports contactless orientation and COVID-related safety protocols to help prevent any breakouts or spreading of the virus, so you’re able to complete your projects without any delays. We saw how quickly things can change in March of 2020, so you’re able to send out emergency alerts to your teams to quickly update them.

Incorporating practical technology into your toolbox will set your team up for success in 2021.  Everything you need to get your job done while simplifying knowledge for your team is easily accessible via a digital archive on MindForge.

It’s time to pursue zero, and we’re here to help. Reach out for a demo today.

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