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“Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of MindForge is how it is easily adopted by companies of all sizes and trades. It is not something exclusive to big contractors with a high cost of software or hardware. Its app-based approach is simple and easy to rapidly deploy.”
John Morris - CEO, OVABC
“MindForge is helping us enhance the way we’re able to treat and train our team and ultimately establish a cutting edge, safe and desirable work environment.”
Dave Murphy – Safety Director, Pepper Construction, Indiana
“MindForge has given us the opportunity to communicate effectively and efficiently to all of our teams at various levels and in a manner that is consistent.”
Aaron Wissen – Safety Director, North Mechanical Contracting & Service
“ABC San Diego welcomes MindForge as an ABC member. We look forward to working together to equip our industry with tools and resources to effectively communicate and develop our workforce.”
Michelle Whittaker - Membership Engagement Manager ABC-San Diego
"MindForge is effective, easy to use, and allows multiple points of contact to disseminate important information. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will have a huge impact on our association.”
Bart Hacker - President of ABC Central Ohio