July 1, 2022

How to prevent employee turnover on your construction site

Why keeping your workforce engaged keeps them on board.

Labor as a resource continues to be one of the biggest challenges to commercial construction industries, largely due to a high turnover rate. Especially considering how fluid the job environment is, workers can move from project to project sometimes daily. Not to mention the already-limited number of available workers. Competition is fierce, and your efforts to keep your employees engaged could be lost by offers for even $1 more an hour.

The labor shortage and high demand for projects makes turnover a constant threat, but there are ways to better engage the workforce to ensure you end your projects on time, under budget and with few safety incidents.

Why now is the time to prioritize team engagement:

The construction workforce is aging, and younger employees have the highest turnover risk. On average, turnover rate in the construction industry hovers around 21.4% with employees 24 or younger reaching about 64%.  

Companies know that turnover is a problem and studies have shown that increased injuries are linked to high turnover. Low team engagement also results in reduced quality and the inability to execute on jobs, risking potentially losing your backlog. With that comes more losses such as construction defect claims, poor quality work, actual injuries on the job and the reputational risk of not being hired by the owner again.

Successfully engaging your craft-level workers will elevate your company above the rest. A better-engaged workforce leads to a better reputation, lower losses and ultimately helps you make more money and be more competitive.

The more engagement elements you introduce into your job site, the more likely your team will achieve a higher quality of work, done on schedule.

The way to engage is through communication and education.

There’s a lot to be said for familiarity within a team or crew on the job site. Personally knowing the people on the crew leads to more effective training and increased communication, and better camaraderie helps leaders know who has the right skills for the right tasks.

MindForge makes it faster and more efficient for foremen and superintendents to send information out to all of their employees. This allows you to have increased touchpoints and to further communicate with your workforce by clearly setting expectations, providing opportunities for your team to share knowledge, recognize contributions, celebrate success, nurture your organizational values and provide a more in-depth opportunity for career growth.

MindForge has also introduced message boards through the new Bulletin Board feature, which allows your workers to ask questions, send responses and actually engage with their management teams. This provides a portal allowing companies to bring the individual craft worker into a high-performing culture that continues to push high-performing teams.

Using tech to create a central space for your company culture will retain employees longer. They now will feel like they are part of a team and have a critical role with their tasks and overall project.

MindForge is all about bringing connectivity to the job site in a way that is most accommodating to those most at risk. There’s a lot of tech out there, but up until now, no one else has prioritized building an application that is specifically designed to support the craft workers’ experience.

Learn more about how MindForge can reduce your turnover rates by scheduling a demo.

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