July 1, 2022

How to Conduct Safety Huddles that Stick

A typical morning safety huddle usually consists of reading from a script, but because of our natural brain function, this isn’t necessarily the best way to gather or retain information. Safety huddles and toolbox talks can be made more engaging and effective by teaching the workforce how to apply and practice problem-solving methods using frameworks such as the OODA Loop.

OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. The OODA Loop was developed during the mid-20th century by U.S. Air Force Colonel and military strategist John Boyd to teach soldiers how to make critical decisions when there may not be time to gather all available information.

In the same way it helped soldiers survive, the OODA framework can also make a significant impact on reducing serious injuries and fatalities on construction projects.

Applying the OODA Loop to jobsite training

Infusing this framework into toolbox talks and training will help to promote safe behaviors and support a strong organizational safety culture by teaching workers skills they can easily commit to memory and utilize on every jobsite.

MindForge incorporates the OODA Loop framework into its Construction LifeSaver (CLS) training, which aims to provide the workforce with practical knowledge to help them observe and mitigate hazards on the job. The training takes into account how the brain works so it can be used as a weapon against jobsite hazards. MindForge’s CLS training also provides critical safety knowledge and skills to continuously feed the OODA Loop and prepare the workforce to identify and mitigate the many dangers that exist in the construction industry.

Incorporating the OODA Loop framework on construction sites provides the workforce with four practical steps to autonomously identify and remove job site hazards before they become dangerous.

To learn more about how to use the OODA Loop framework to empower your workforce with the knowledge, information and skills needed to stay safe on the jobsite, check out our OODA Loop webinar here.

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