March 29, 2024

How Pankow Met Strict Training Requirements

Pankow started as what we call a "design partner:" they worked with us to test the early versions of our app. They were also the first company to put the MindForge app on a jobsite—a project where LendLease was the construction manager and Pankow performed most of the work.

Lendlease had strict training requirements. To meet those requirements, Pankow had to pull their crews off the job, walk them down the street to an office, and do the training. It was costing the safety and ops team tons of time to give the same training over and over.

So, they launched the training through MindForge, and delivered the training to the crews' mobile devices. The superintendents would set a side 15 minutes here and there to complete the training.

According the Pankow’s safety director at the time, they saved 650 hours training through MindForge. And over the years, Pankow has provided invaluable feedback to us, which has helped us evolve the app to bring even more value to contractors .

Thank you, Pankow!

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