July 1, 2022

Best Tools and Platforms for Construction Teams

Building your (digital) construction toolkit starts with communication.

Construction teams use a lot of tools to get the job done right. It’s important to know how to best build your digital tool kit, too. In fact, McKinsey reports that digital transformation in construction can result in productivity gains of up to 15%. With so many different kinds of platforms on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

We took a look at the use cases that MindForge and other leading industry software providers address. By clearly defining these use cases and which platform best addresses them, we can start to see a picture of what a well-rounded tool kit might look like.

As depicted in the infographic, there are several different software providers that facilitate inspections, auditing, observations and so on. All these solutions pull data and information from the jobsite. MindForge, on the other hand, pushes information to the jobsite. This is why MindForge is an important platform to include in your digital toolkit, and it complements other industry platforms. MindForge allows companies to action the data they glean from the job site by giving them a communication tool to push initiatives, education and change management based on the data they pull from the field.

When we asked construction leaders what features are most important to them on the job site, an overwhelming majority expressed the need for this solid line of communication among the various members of their organizations, and rightly so.

Communication is key for improving operational efficiency, decreasing the number of work stoppages and streamlining job site operations and training. MindForge delivers updates right to mobile devices instantly, connecting every member of your team from the home office to the frontline workforce with the push of a button.

In order to create buy-in across your teams for these new tools and platforms, you should start by clearly demonstrating the platform’s benefits specific to their needs. We’ve found that MindForge has been very well received by the front line when there is a clear explanation as to why the platform is being used and how it will help them be more productive while increasing quality and safety on the job.

When it comes to modern construction, digital strategy and business strategy are becoming synonymous.

If executed properly, building out your digital tool kit will equip you with the necessary tools to support each job site and each worker within your organization.

There isn’t a one-stop-shop software that addresses every single need on your construction jobsite, but adopting software platforms that complement one another well is the next best thing.

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