March 7, 2024

Web App Enhancements: Effortless Employee Onboarding and Easy Credit Purchase

We're thrilled to introduce two new Web features to enhance your MindForge experience: onboarding individual employees and instant credit purchases.

1. New- Add Employee to Employee List

Say goodbye to the hassle of onboarding new employees individually. You can effortlessly invite multiple employees to your organization and automatically send an invite to the new employee. 

2. Instant Credit Purchase in the Marketplace:

Enjoy seamless credit purchases while assigning training through our Marketplace. We've added a "Buy Credits" button for instant access, ensuring you can purchase credits quickly and easily from any page in the marketplace.

These enhancements are designed to make managing your workforce, and training needs more efficient and hassle-free.

For any questions or feedback, our support team is here to assist you -