July 13, 2021

Sprint 14 Release Notes

With Sprint 14 comes the following feature enhancements and additions to our product line:

MindForge Platform Feature Enhancements

Due By & Reminder Dates: Allows users assigning a course to set a reminder and due by notification (based on number of days past assignment).

Training Record Export Upgrades:

Exports include 3 new columns.

  • Due by date, the date that assignment is due based on that instance of assignment.
  • Overdue, a yes/no flag that states if the assignment is due.
  • Days overdue, the number of days that the user is overdue.

CLS Marketplace:

MindForge Construction Lifesaver Courses

  • Relentless Leadership
  • CLS: Scaffolding Prime (Beta)

3rd Party Courses:

  • CaHill: Motor Grade It: Components
  • CaHill: Motor Grade It: System Check
  • CaHill: The Widener: Operations