June 30, 2021

Sprint 13 Release Notes

With Sprint 13 comes the following feature enhancements and additions to our product line:

MindForge Platform Feature Enhancements

Multi-Lingual Courses: Multi-Lingual Courses allow an admin to create a single course that contains content in multiple languages. Construction projects are diverse settings with a multitude of people and cultures coming together onsite. The addition of multi-lingual courses allows Administrators to post PDF and Video files in multiple languages, matching the needs of their teams and contractors in the field. This feature will also allow for courses to have more consolidated experiences for both Admins and Workers.

Reporting Upgrades: MindForge is expanding it’s reporting tools to give Administrator’s more options for how they are able to view training data. Now, with enhanced reporting, Administrators will also have the ability to export:

  • Historical Records – Training raining records for any individual who has ever been a member of your group.
  • Global Records – All courses assigned (from your group or from others)  to any individual who has ever been a member of your group  

This new feature allows us to give project, safety, and management teams the ability to export historic training records to show how many people they are able to reach through the MindForge Platform over the duration of a project – not just a snapshot of what is currently happening.  

CLS Marketplace:

MindForge Construction Lifesaver Courses

Scaffolding – Just in Time Training (Beta)

CaHill Courses

  • CaHill: Communicate: Flag It
  • CaHill: Cool It Down
  • CaHill: Fludis DEF
  • CaHill: MiniMill: System Check