January 12, 2022

Sprint 1 Release Notes

With Sprint 1 comes the following feature enhancements and additions to our product line:

MindForge Platform Feature Enhancements

My Assignments: The new My Assignments section allows you to quickly access, in one location, all training that is assigned to you.From here, you can:

  • See completion status of each course assigned to you
  • See total amount of courses completed vs courses assigned
  • See Due Dates (if set) for each course assigned to you
  • See the Team or Jobsite from which each course was assigned
  • Start or resume an incomplete course
  • Revisit a course you’ve already completed

Onboarding PDFs: You can now quickly print a PDF that includes onboarding codes for each team on your jobsite. The PDF also contains a QR code for downloading the MindForge app. Put it up on a wall so your workers can self-onboard onto teams the moment they step foot on a jobsite.

CLS Marketplace:

Working at Heights JIT (Beta)