November 1, 2023

New Mobile App Features – Spanish localization, Reset Passwords and Removing Jobsite Team Member

Spanish Localization 

MindForge is proud to announce Native Spanish Language Support for our mobile app, a feature designed to enhance the user experience for the Spanish-speaking workforce. 

Mobile users with their device language set to Spanish can now view the menu, access commands, and navigate all user interface features in Spanish. This facilitates a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for our Spanish-speaking users on job sites.

Benefits for MindForge users and construction teams:

We are continuously improving our app to cater to our diverse user base's evolving needs, with this language support serving as an example of our commitment to inclusivity and personalization.

Streamlined Jobsite Teams - Team Member Removal

We're thrilled to announce an important update in MindForge's latest mobile release, version 2.9. This enhancement allows jobsite admins and team managers to remove members from the jobsite team directly from their mobile devices.

Benefits for MindForge users and construction teams:

Imagine a scenario during orientation where a worker unintentionally joins the wrong jobsite team, or you have a team member who joins the team temporarily. With our new feature, jobsite admins or team managers can promptly address such situations by removing team members from their mobile devices. No more waiting for laptops and web applications – it's about enhancing efficiency on the jobsite.

Admin/Manager Access to Reset Passwords

MindForge is excited to introduce a new feature in our platform that allows Admins and Managers to reset team member passwords directly from their mobile devices.

Benefits for MindForge Admins/Managers

We recognized the need for field leaders to manage their team member profiles efficiently while on the go. With this feature, Admins and Managers can conveniently reset passwords from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to access a computer.