March 12, 2024

New Mobile App Feature: Message Center Auto Translate

Say Adiós to Language Barriers with MindForge Auto-Translate!

Exciting news! We've upgraded the MindForge app with a groundbreaking feature: Auto-Translate. Now, communication on the job site, whether in English or Spanish, just got a whole lot smoother.

Here's how it works: With Auto-Translate, messages sent in English are automatically translated into Spanish for your Spanish-speaking team members and vice versa, empowering Hispanic workers to communicate authentically in their native language, ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear. 

The great news is that it's all based on the language setting of your device—so you don't have to lift a finger to switch languages.

Experience the ease of communication, time-saving benefits, and enhanced efficiency with MindForge Auto-Translate. Say goodbye to language barriers and keep your team connected like never before!

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