October 1, 2023

Employee Database Integration with CSV

MindForge has a new product update. And it's not a trick… It's a treat!

Our newest update allows MindForge admins to sync their employee database with MindForge using a CSV export and import. Woo hoo!

⬇️ Reducing double work

Before this update, admins had to add employee profiles one by one manually. But we know many of you already did this at least once in your employee management databases.

MindForge wanted to eliminate the need to do this same work again inside MindForge. So now, instead of entering each name – or removing a user when a team member leaves your company – just upload spreadsheets with your most recent employee lists, and the task is done! The upload will automatically carry over the information found in employee records – such as employee IDs, names, mobile numbers, and email addresses.  

Once the CSVs are uploaded, you can easily send invites to the entire list of newly imported team members so they can create a MindForge profile. All they need to do is accept the invite and follow the prompts.

🎯 Improved accuracy

Not only will this update save you time, but it will also increase the accuracy of your data entry. By importing data from a CSV file, you reduce the risk of human error when someone inputs information one file at a time. CSV files must also adhere to a specific template, therefore ensuring that all employee data follows a consistent structure and format. During the CSV import, the data will also be checked for errors, inconsistencies, and missing information – helping to maintain data quality.

We always have our ears in the industry and listen to what our customers say. This feature has been requested for a long time, and that's why we're so excited to be able to deliver it finally. When you receive a tool that saves you time and sanity, that's a treat worth sharing!

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