How to Conduct Safety Huddles that Stick

Applying the OODA Loop in Construction

Through our latest webinar, participants received actionable takeaways for conducting engaging, relevant and effective safety huddles. Using the OODA loop framework, attendees learned how to empower their workforce with four practical steps to keep them safe on the jobsite.

Check out the webinar below.

About the OODA framework:

Construction consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Fluid workforces, high-risk scenarios and the lack of a solid line of effective communication all contribute to the challenges and risks of the industry.

The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) was developed during the mid-20th century by U.S. Air Force Colonel and military strategist John Boyd, to teach soldiers how to make critical decisions when there may not be time to gather all the information

.In the same way it helped soldiers survive, the OODA framework can also make a significant impact on reducing serious injuries and fatalities on construction projects.

Infusing this framework into your toolbox talks and safety training will help to enforce safe behaviors and support a strong organizational safety culture by teaching workers skills they can easily commit to memory and utilize on every jobsite.

Today, the traditional morning safety huddle or toolbox talk usually consists of a foreman reading from a script. The OODA loop, on the other hand, teaches the workforce how to apply and practice problem-solving methods. This results in better retention and overtime, allows the workforce to engrain the OODA mindset into their craft.

This webinar teaches attendees how to utilize the OODA loop to empower their workforce with the knowledge, information and skills needed to autonomously identify and remove job site hazards before they become dangerous.

About the host:

Stokes McIntyre is the President of MindForge, a subsidiary of the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) and serves as Vice Chairman of the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI).

About MindForge:

MindForge is a holistic communication and training hub designed to unite construction organizations. The platform simplifies workforce communication and maximizes performance quality with tools that keep job sites safe, efficient and connected. The OODA Loop principles are the foundation for MindForge’s safety awareness training courses, which are helping bridge the disconnect between the home office and front-line workforce by equipping workers with the knowledge, skills and information that empowers them to avoid hazards on the jobsite.