Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS®)

Earn your CRIS Renewal as you sharpen your knowledge of construction hazards and safety!

A collaboration between IRMI, WebCE, and MindForge

The Content

What Will I Learn?

A deeper understanding of the hazards construction workers face every day.
Practical tactics for contractors to mitigate the “fatal 8” hazards.
A framework called the OODA Loop to increase awareness.
Valuable safety tips for work and life.

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What's Included

Renew your CRIS Certification in a Fresh, Engaging Way While Mastering Construction Crews’ Field Safety Protocols

Safety Topics that cover the Fatal 8 construction hazards and more.
Entertaining videos, interactive simulators, and quizzes to test your knowledge.
Courses available in both English and Spanish
Access courses on your mobile device or desktop computer.
Six hours of engaging safety training
The Curriculum

Learn Safety Topics that have the biggest impact on reducing injuries and deaths.

Safety Awareness: CLS Framework
Safety Awareness: Caught-Between
Safety Awareness: Confined Spaces
Safety Awareness: Excavations
Safety Awareness: Hazardous Energy
Safety Awareness: Mobile Equipment
Safety Awareness: Securing Loads
Safety Awareness: Struck-By Hazards
Safety Awareness: Workers' Rights
Safety Awareness: Working at Heights
Silica Exposure Safety
Ladder Safety
Slips, Trips, and Falls Just In Time
Hard Hats vs Safety Helmets

See How CRIS Members Feel About This Renewal

"It was very informative, easy to understand, and the videos and simulations were very helpful. The accident and fatality interviews with co-workers and family members was very impactful. There were a few workplace simulations where additional prompts on how to proceed to the next section of the simulations or next lesson would have been helpful. Overall, it was a great course."
"I loved the videos, short quizzes, and simulations. This was setup so that I could listen to the information and learn, review what I learned immediately afterwards, and then practice what I learned. It was perfect for helping me to really understand and retain the information."
"It’s a fresh take and engaging approach for CRIS Renewals"