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Ally Safety

Lockout Tagout Training

30 Min
Closed Captioned

Understanding the components of an effective lockout tagout system and controlling hazardous energy is critical to workplace safety. In this Lockout Tagout Safety Training, we educate learners from start to finish on what lockout tagout is, how it's used in complex systems using a simple animation, how it's used in electrical energy isolation using a real-life example, and how it's used on mobile equipment using a forklift repair. This training will educate learners in various types of energy sources, how to ensure hazardous energy is controlled using test start and lockout tagout procedures. Lasly, this course covers specific scenarios like group lockout and emergency lock removal. The training is broken up into 10, short video segments. Each segment is followed by several key learning objective quiz questions. This course was designed to align with OSHA 1910.147 for General Industry and 1926.417 for Construction.

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