Provided by:
J.J. Keller

Human Trafficking Awareness for Drivers

18-23 Min
Closed Captioned

Human trafficking is a serious crime. Every day, women, men, girls, and boys are forced into commercial sex trafficking, forced labor situations, and domestic servitude across the globe. Unless you're specifically watching for it, it's likely you'll never see it. According to many human rights groups, the number of human trafficking incidents is rising at an alarming rate.Interestingly, the majority of trafficking-related cases are reported to law enforcement by members of the public. Truckers tend to frequent the most common places where many of these exchanges happen, including motels, restaurants, truck stops, rest areas, and gas stations. That puts them in a position to help disrupt established trafficking networks and enable law enforcement to rescue victims before it's too late.Human Trafficking Awareness for Drivers is designed to help drivers identify different types of human trafficking and those most at risk of becoming victims. It also provides drivers with various ways (phone numbers, text, website) to notify authorities.

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English & Spanish
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