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Safety Awareness: Working at Heights

35 Min
Closed Captioned

This CLS: Safety Awareness—Working at Heights course trains workers on how to use the OODA Loop to protect themselves and their coworkers against potential hazards when working at heights on construction job sites. As they become more familiar with the four steps of the OODA Loop, workers will learn to Observe the work area for signs of fall-related hazards, Orient to hazards and ask themselves how they can mitigate them, Decide on the safest course of action, and Act to eliminate any risk. Topics include guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, scaffolds, aerial lifts, ladders, holes, leading edges, and falling objects.

At the end of the course, workers will put their learning to the test by entering our OODA Loop simulator, where they will go through each step of the OODA Loop to find and mitigate hazards in a 3D construction environment.

Credits Needed
English & Spanish
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Mobile & Desktop