Provided by:
JJ Keller

Driving Techniques: Driver Training Series

20 Min
Closed Captioned

In almost every profession, technique is what separates the good from the great. Whether we look at athletes, chefs, or commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, those with the best techniques are the ones who excel.

You learn good techniques through instruction and practice. Drivers need to cultivate their skills and attitude to turn good driving techniques into good habits that prevent costly and sometimes tragic accidents.

The Driving Techniques: JJ Keller designed the Driver Training Series to help drivers understand the basic driving techniques that will help them develop the skills and attitude necessary to operate a CMV safely. Specifically, it covers the importance of driving defensively and knowing how to safely maneuver a CMV through turns and intersections, over railroad crossings, while merging and passing, and driving through roundabouts.

After this course, a student should understand:

  1. Turns and Intersections
  2. Railroad Crossings
  3. Merging and Passing
  4. Roundabout

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